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At Saucotambo we are experienced naturalist and bird guides! Our location makes it the perfect base for birding and nature tours due to it is situated just 800 meters from the main highway that links Quito to the coast, the traditional artery used by all birding tours in Ecuador´s Northwest and the one that give you access to an incredible biodiversity and virtually to all species of Ecuador´s Choco, over 600 species!

The Antpitta Reserve

No visit to the Northwest Ecuador would be complete with a visit to the Antpitta Farm; This superb area hosts to one of the most incredible developments for the Neotropical birders where we will be able to see the spectacular Andean Cock of the Rock lek and the elusive Antpittas at close range. At Saucotambo we offer accommodation, one day tours from Quito as well as special tours for birders, photographers and for the curious nature lovers, eager to know what the cloud forest is all about. You can customize your stay at Saucotambo by telling us about your interest before your arrival; we will give you the best options to make your experience as rewarding as it gets.

Hummingbird Tour

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This is our most popular tour, starting in Quito and returning to your hotel the same day´s evening. This superb trip take place on the western slopes of the Andes, world famous for the abundance of hummingbird species and breath-taking scenery of the Andean mountains, over 25 species can be seen during our trip!

Winged Jewels

Since Saucotambo Bird Lodge opened, 21 species of hummingbird have been recorded on the property, with 12–15 species occurring daily. It is one of the must-see bird spectacles in the world. The hummingbirds are usually present all day long, but the greatest numbers appear on wet afternoons, especially in the last half-hour before dusk as they fill up on energy. ¡A paradise for hummingbird lovers and photographers! This winged jewels allow very close approach, and over a few days you will soon come familiar with all this fantastic species. Check the next video and see what awaits for you during your visit to our lodge!


At Saucotambo Bird Lodge we offer BIRDING&NATURE TOURS with a fulltime, professional Birding Guide, for between 1 and 5 days. Saucotambo Lodge is tailored to the need of bird photographers, birders & nature lovers. Birds are an important part of Saucotambo’s fauna; The lodge and its surrounds are located within the most famous and accessible areas for birding in Ecuador, one of the most amazing countries in the world for birds, country with more than 1600 species within its borders. Some of the other popular birding hotspots within the area, often visited from the lodge include: (Vehicle required to get to this sites) Yanacocha (Temperate Neotropical Cloud Forest) with feeders – Elevation of 10,500ft/3200m Amagusa, Mashpi (Subtropical and Foothill Neotropical Cloud Forest) with feeders – Elevation of 2625-5575ft/800-1700m Zuro Loma (Temperate Neotropical Cloud Forest) with feeders – Elevation of 10,225ft/3120m Refugio Paz de las Aves (Subtropical Neotropical Cloud Forest) with feeders – Elevation of 6235ft/1900m Milpe Bird Sanctuary (Foothill Neotropical Cloud Forest) with feeders – Elevation of 3775ft/1150m


Our lodge accommodates individual or private groups in (5) spacious double rooms, equipped with a private bathroom with hot running water. The same floor has a shared balcony to look for birds in the canopy surrounding the lodge or to glance at the swirling clouds as they move up the mountains.

Our meals are a combination of local and international cuisine, with delicious Andean soups and fresh tropical fruit juices.

Dayly visitors entrance fee

  • $5 per person
  • $2.50 per kid (4- 11 years old)
  • Fee includes: Self guided visit to our hummingbird garden and trails, coffee and tea station, which is valid for a maximum stay of 3 hours.
  • Entrance fee does not include guiding; our trails are self guided.
  • Capturing birds and animals, moving feeders, or collecting wildlife is prohibited.
  • Multiflash, set up photography, filming or commercial/professional photography and use of hide are not allowed for day visitors
  • Meals for daily visitors/non-guests (previous reservation only)
  • Lunch or dinner $17 
  • We serve breakfast as well, $5 per person
  • Our Accommodation Rates include: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, purified water, coffee and tea station, entrance fee to the reserve, use of trails, WiFi and taxes.
  • Not included: Guide, use of hide, drinks, tips and personal expenses.
  • Lodge Capacity: 5 double rooms
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