About us

Saucotambo Bird Lodge is a family private protected area designed for nature lovers.


We are located on the western slope of the Andes, within the endemic rich Chocó biodiversity zone, in the Northwest area of the Pichincha province, close to a number of nature sites, making it easily to combine with other areas, which give us the opportunity of appreciate the enormous and unique bird diversity and exuberant ecosystems of the Cloud forest region.

Our location, only 80 minutes from the city of Quito (the capital of Ecuador), we can visit many areas of interest for nature lovers, naturalist photographers and Birdwatchers such as Mindo, Milpe,
Tandayapa and Mashpi, which make us an important base to explore the Cloudforest area within the Chocó bioregion.

About Us

We are an Ecuadorian family that has dedicated many years to the conservation and development of tourism in the northwestern area of ​​Ecuador, our area is rich in biodiversity and an important destination
for bird watchers, nature lovers and wildlife photographers.

Saucotambo lodge is located on a property of about 6 hectares of reforested land, a property that was previously land of cattle grazing, after several years of hard work and dedication we managed to reforest Saucotambo, and ithas been possible to create a wonderful and important natural habitat that today it is home to beautiful birds, flora and fauna of the area.

Our Mission

Saucotambo Bird Lodge is a family private protected area designed for nature lovers, bird watchers & bird photographers, created with the aim of protecting and preserving the Andean cloud forest and the diverse ecosystems that are contained within it.

The forest and its conservation is the heart of what Saucotambo Bird Lodge is, through ecotourism we guarantee to conserve this beautiful cloud forest in northwestern Ecuador for future generations.

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