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Perfect base for exploring Northwestern Ecuador biodiversity.

By visiting Saucotambo you are supporting to the conservation of the “Choco Cloud Forest”. 

For exclusivity and tranquility, Saucotambo host a maximum of ten guests. 


Saucotambo Bird Lodge is a family private protected area designed for nature lovers, bird watchers & bird photographers, created with the aim of protecting and preserving the Andean cloud forest and the diverse ecosystems that are contained within it.

The forest and its conservation is the heart of what Saucotambo Bird Lodge is, through ecotourism we guarantee to conserve this beautiful cloud forest in northwestern Ecuador for future generations.

andean cock of the rock

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Photos courtesy of Murray Cooper & Jairo Sanchez


Whether you’re curious about wheather conditions, bird species, activities or any other issues,  we’re here to help.

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